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At Nabtech Engineering, the best manufacturer and exporter of casting, we offer various types of services. These include SHELL MOULDING, SAND & INVESTMENT CASTING, and more!

Why partner with Nabtech Engineering?

As the leading manufacturer of metal components, Nabtech Engineering offers high-quality services. With years of expertise, we serve various industries seamlessly. Our client portfolio ranges from automobiles to home appliances. It extends to other sectors, such as decorative items and street lights.


We offer exceptional metal services. Our wide array of services includes die casting, sand casting, and investment casting. These services are available for numerous materials such as cast iron, zinc nickel, cast steel, brass, aluminum, etc. We also offer customization based on the needs of the client. With us, you can expect high-precision casting. As a well-known and reliable manufacturer of CAST IRON CASTING components, our services are available throughout India. In fact, it is our diverse product range that differentiates us from others in the market. You can expect high-quality, high-pressure die castings, hot chamber die casting, LOST WAX CASTING, etc. Other products include sand castings and gravity castings.

We take great pride in our well-equipped and high-quality manufacturing lab. That ensures that our products are developed in accordance with global safety and quality standards. Our primary aim is to offer top-quality casting products in the market.

At Nabtech Engineering, we handle different-sized projects with ease. Our team of diverse professionals delivers versatile and value-added products. We strive to attain customer satisfaction with our services!

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At Nabtech Engineering, the best Sand Casting in India supplier, we boast of offering premium quality services. We are the leading exporter and manufacturer of machine tool castings, press tool castings, press tools, press die parts, press dies, and press die components. We have state-of-the-art equipment at our facility in Pune, Maharashtra, India. We also provide Forging and Precise Machining Services.


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